Antradar Tech Watch

Your definitive source for the latest software updates, tech stack developments, and industry news impacting the Antradar ecosystem. Outage No Impact on Antradar Storage Dec 16, 2023

Despite the recent service disruption at, Antradar's syndicated storage solutions were unaffected by the outage. Read more

Initial Assessment of PHP 8.3 Nov 30, 2023

Unveiled on November 23, 2023, PHP 8.3 poses a pivotal question: Can we harness its new features while minimizing disruption? Read more

SQL Injection Vuln. Found in WP Fastest Cache Nov 14, 2023

The discovery of a severe vulnerability in WP Fastest Cache highlights the ongoing issues of security within the WordPress ecosystem. Read more

Linode Amsterdam Expansion Now Live Oct 25, 2023

Linode's Amsterdam expansion strengthens Antradar's failover network across Northern Europe, enhancing infrastructure resilience. Read more

Deciphering Apache 2.4.58's Latest Updates Oct 20, 2023

Apache Server, mainly used in Antradar's legacy Windows systems without WSL, offers valuable insights in its latest changelog for our developers. Read more

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