Introducing Bingo Bridge for Gyroscope Dec 17, 2021

The Bingo Bridge feature seamlessly runs selective parts of a Gyroscope app in a Go binary, boosting performance and resource efficiency. Read more

Analyze Your Server Log with Traffic Stories Dec 14, 2021

Antradar's Traffic Stories is a comprehensive server access analytics platform. It is now bundled in Gyroscope projects and made available as standalone packages. Read more

Security Statement: Apache Log4j Vulnerability Dec 10, 2021

Antradar's products do not use the log4j library or Java, and therefore have not been affected by this vulnerability. Read more

WSS Routing Reference Dec 10, 2021

This is a technical reference on the Web Socket Server's message routing scheme. Read more

Using Hardware Security Keys in Gyroscope Oct 8, 2021

Signing into a Gyroscope system is now easier and more secure with hardware security keys. Both FIDO2 and U2F are supported. Read more
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