Gamepad Support in Gyroscope Jul 16, 2021

Navigating a Gyroscope app can now be faster, and more fun, thanks to the new gamepad support. Read more

Enable Auto Save in Gyroscope Jun 16, 2021

The "save" notification bar now has a countdown for auto saving. The countdown avoids edit conflict and can be manually dismissed. Read more

Encryption Key Server and Client Updates May 31, 2021

The new remote key server supports versioned storage and flexible retention settings. Migration can be done with a file swap. Read more

Using Gyroscope Multi-Tenant Migration Tools May 16, 2021

A set of command line utilities is being developed to assist the isolation and portable storage of shared Gyroscope data. Read more

Chrome 90 Bug Causes Incorrect Download Apr 26, 2021

A cache partitioning bug likely caused Chrome 90 and other Chromium browsers (Edge, Brave) to download potentially incorrect content. Read more
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