About Antradar

Antradar breathes new life into the world of enterprise software - an industry known to be entrenched with ineffective and unaffordable products.

Our mission is to realize the true potential of information technology that conventional enterprise software has failed to deliver.

Automation, Growth, Freedom

We have an ambitious, yet achievable vision for our customers. This vision is comprised of three stages: automation, growth and freedom.

During the automation stage, we focus on eliminating wasteful processes and positions in your organization. This step is particularly beneficial to the business owner, who tends to be consumed by administrative routines. Our software saves the workers from doing the machine's job, so that they can make better human decisions.

The automation stage gives you a reduced, refined staff. The capability of your staff is further enhanced in the growth stage. We continue to identify and resolve bottlenecks in your organization with our ever-adapting software. With the same staff, or marginal new hires, you'll be able to effortlessly handle a much larger client base and a far more complex industrial-eco-system.

Our ultimate goal is to make your entire staff replaceable. This includes you, the business owner. We believe that your business should work for you, not the other way round. The day you can walk away from your business without slowing it down is the day the business itself achieves freedom.

The Name

Antradar, pronounced "ant-radar", means the counterpart of radar, just as Antarctica sits on the opposite pole of the Arctic Ocean.

Radar's counterpart, or "anti-radar", is a system that cloaks objects from radar detection. The production of effective anti-radar systems requires deep understanding of the underlying physics as well as the making of radar itself.

The term Antradar captures the organization's roots in reverse engineering and ongoing research in delivering mission-critical solutions.

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Prospective customers are encouraged to use the contact form to reach us. If you are an existing client and would like immediate assistance, please call 1.888.404.1337 or email .

Our Services

Targeted Crawlers

Crawlers for content extraction, restoration and competitive intelligence gathering.

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Gyroscope™ ERP Solutions

Fully integrated enterprise solutions for rapid and steady growth.

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Self-updating websites with product catalog and payment processing.

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Featured Clients

Domus Student Housing

We would not have seen such great success so early on if we didn't have Antradar's management software.
– Ho Tek

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Test Automations, Scotiabank

AJAX and the Antradar methodologies have become part of our development infrastructure.
– Keith McKie

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