Domus: Defending the Perfect Score

Domus Student Housing, a property management company in Waterloo, Ontario, has doubled its portfolio every year for the last 4 years while maintaining a 100% fill rate. Their secrets? Thorough understanding of the student housing market, and an attitude to always provide the best value service, for both students and landlords. But when the number of units reached hundreds, Domus needed some help.

"I used to do this part time, until I had enough units and revenue to go full-time. At first I started my days at 10 and worked until 4, soon enough I was starting my day at 7AM and working until 9PM. It seemed like I got nothing accomplished during the day"
Tara Schlupp
Founder and President of Domus Student Housing Inc.

With the help of Antradar's Management Software, the company has been able to grow and adapt to the ever changing student housing market. Domus Student housing now dominates the market renting out over 1000 student rooms and shows no sign of slowing down. The company founders now have the ability to work from home and have utilized antradars management system to automate work processes while training new employees to work efficiently on daily tasks.

"I firmly believe that we would not have seen such great success so early on if we didn't have Antradar's management software. How else could growth from 35 units to 70 to 150, to 300 and now to 1000 have been possible with only 2 workers?"
Ho Tek
Vice President of Domus Student Housing Inc.

Domus Inc. works closely with Antradar to automate its internal processes and stay ahead of competition.
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