We focus on the two components that matter most to your online store; product catalogue and payment processing.     Get a Quote

Product Catalogue

We improve the browsabilty of your product database using faceted navigation interfaces. This allows your customers explore your entire inventory but quickly narrow down the products or services that suit their needs. A rich interface like this brings the most relevant products to the prospective buyers and increases sales.

Our navigation implementation features real-time updates. Other products typically require a manual indexing process known as "base-lining". Another advantage of our e-commerce system is that installation and operation require no proprietary software or additional hardware. If your server is good enough to host a WordPress site, it's more than enough to enable interactive search and faceted navigation for the same level of traffic.

Credit Card Processing

With our direct payment gateway integration service, you can keep your customers on your site. Why redirect your customers to an external website when this service gives you the ability to process VISA, Mastarcard, American Express and other major credit cards right from your website?

Handling payments directly boosts your level of professionalism and your bottomline. Adding the ability to charge cards from your own website provides the users an integral, organic shopping experience. It shows your customers that your business can "hold its ground" so to speak. More importantly, you can oftentimes avoid the service fee that is charged by most 3rd party websites. Paypal, for example, may charge you an extra 3%!

Product Catalogue & Payment Processing

Fulfillment & Beyond

Now that your customers have found their items and completed their purchase, let the automation continue. Our product database and shopping cart can be tightly integrated with a Gyroscope backend system. This combination allows you to automate label printing and shipping, build a database that help retain customers, and integrate with your CRM strategy to make your business more productive.

Other Services

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Crawlers for content extraction, restoration and competitive intelligence gathering.

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