In-App Keyboard Mapping and Cree Text Mar 28, 2019

Cree characters can be typed in a Gyroscope application as if the keyboard has native Cree support. No installation needed! Read more

How Secure is ASP.NET Core Login Page? Mar 10, 2019

Password-protecting a web page with ASP.NET Core may be convenient but certainly not very secure. Here's our detailed analysis. Read more

Bypassing "Content Protection" Step by Step Jan 22, 2019

Many news sites require a membership to access paid content - not all of them are equally protected. Here's how not to secure your content. Read more

How to Add Tab Icons Dec 3, 2018

Gyroscope 15.3 supports tab icons, making your applications prettier and easier to navigate. The new icons take 6 steps in 3 stages to make. Read more

Canadian EFT - A Definitive Guide to CPA 005 Sep 25, 2018

The CPA 005 standard defines the exchange format of automated transactions between banks. The file is often known as the PAD or EFT file. Read more
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