Antradar breathes new life into the world of enterprise software. Our mission is to realize the true potential of information technology and empower our clients with rapid and sustainable growth.

Our Services:

Crawlers for content extraction, restoration and competitive intelligence gathering.
Fully integrated enterprise solutions for rapid and steady growth.
Self-updating websites with product catalog and payment processing.

News & Thoughts:

Web browsing has been officially supported on a Samsung watch for some time. Now there is a practical reason to use it. Read more
The five (5) major changes in Gyroscope 19.8 bring improvements in notifications, query building, numeric-named file serving and hotkeys. Read more
When a PHP-SQLSrv project is moved from Windows to Linux, some records are gone - what could be the cause? There is a quick fix... Read more


Code Download & Documentation

Gyroscope™ Framework v20.3
A high performance framework featuring advanced UI features
Nano AJAX Library v3.2p
Tiny JavaScript library that brings you most of the AJAX functionality
Twitter Feed Plugin v1.1
Display live twitter feed on your website using this stand-alone plugin.

Areas of Research

Tap into the full potential of parallel processing and server clusters
Make the most of your computing resource through efficient designs
Identify and improve both human and software protocols

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