Katie Trudeau Photography

As a photographer, it's important for me to spend less time behind the computer and more time taking photos and running the business.

The job of editing all the images and then making individual pages for each real estate property I photographed was enormous. I had to make a gallery, slideshow, and virtual tour pages, upload them and then hope that the website works.

I decided not to waste any more time and get a backend management system for my website. I contacted Antradar and they made my work flow so much smoother and faster! All I have to do now is enter the address of a new property, upload the photos, and everything is done: all galleries, slideshows, virtual tour pages, EVERYTHING! I actually look forward to presenting my work, and not dreading all the hassle that goes into displaying it.

I'm convinced that Antradar developers do some sort of magic, I watched them code my website and it was incredible. The developers are determined to make the best, cleanest code possible. Their work is very impressive!

– Katie Trudeau, SeeIt360.ca
Permlink: case-studies-katie-trudeau-seeit360

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