Gyroscope™ Framework

A rapid and lightweight framework for building synchronized tabbed view - a flexible user interface for sharing and managing information. Antradar uses Gyroscope to build its own web-based management systems.

Nano AJAX Library

This tiny JavaScript library brings you most of the AJAX functionality such as load on demand and asynchronous calls.

libReplay Testing

Replays and analyzes captured HTTP packets. Easily integrated with profiling tools and frameworks.

Twitter Feed Plugin

Display live twitter feed on your website using this easy to use plugin. It requires no additional JavaScript libraries.

Easy Rotating Banners

If you just want to put a rotating banner on your website, you don't need a bloated JavaScript library. Keep your site slim with this stand-alone banner plugin.

Train Slider

A sliding train banner widget that offers an advanced effect without costing a cent more resource.

Range Slider

Convert an input field to a visual slider that works on any browser, and any device.

Ping Monitor

Monitor the connectivity, latency and IP address change over time between you and your server.


Add a shopping cart to your online store with one line of code. Our Cart library is light and versatile, and offers the tightest integration.

Our Services

Targeted Crawlers

Crawlers for content extraction, restoration and competitive intelligence gathering.

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Gyroscope™ ERP Solutions

Fully integrated enterprise solutions for rapid and steady growth.

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Self-updating websites with product catalog and payment processing.

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The Nano AJAX Library not only simplifies the syntax of lazy-loading a container; it also handles multiple requests in the correct order.

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