Introducing the lightest and yet the most flexible shopping cart library. You can add a fully functional checkout button with merely one line of code. It's so simple that we call it just... "cart".

Quick Start

Book $6.59 <?showcartbutton(1);?><br>
Coffee $1.50 <?showcartbutton(2);?>
The above lines give you the following:
Book   $6.59  
Salt   $1.50  
Play with the buttons in the above example. Reload this page and verify that shopping cart stores items properly.

Why Another Shopping Cart Software?

Technically speaking, the common shopping cart packages you see on the market are not just shopping carts. They contain other modules such as inventory, store front, product search, payment processing, order handling, etc. As advanced as they may sound, these off-the-shelf products are far from a complete e-commerce system.

Our Cart stays out of the way by offering strictly shopping cart functions, namely allowing the users to add items to a virtual basket as they browse the store, and displaying a check out page with product pricing and payment form. Then you can integrate Cart with other inventory systems, payment gateways and product search engines that are much better than the pre-packaged deal.

How is this different from Paypal and Google Checkout?

Paypal, Google, Amazon and other online stores offer simple code snippets to integrate your store with their payment systems. Your website is loosely coupled with their services. Cart enables the shopping cart capability within your system, so that you have the flexibility of hosting an independent store.

Start Using Cart Now

  1. Copy all the non-sample files to your project directory
  2. Include libcart.cart.php in your Store, Product and Payment pages
  3. Include nano.js and cart.js in the above pages
  4. Set the links to Store and Payment pages in settings.cart.php
  5. Implement Integration Points as marked in libcart.cart.php
  6. Use the showcartbutton function to display Cart buttons
  7. Use viewcart function in the Checkout/Payment page

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Add a shopping cart to your online store with one line of code. Our Cart library is light and versatile, and offers the tightest integration.

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