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YEP! Interactive is a Canadian online media company with focus on social media, affiliate marketing, and emerging marketing channels. We build platforms for virtual currency providers, affiliate businesses, and mobile developers. We have worked with clients such as Canadian Tire, Much Music, Cirque du Soleil, 1-800 Flowers, Geico, and many more.

One of the more successful products within the YEP! Interactive umbrella is the YEP! Revenue platform. Founded in 2007, YEP! Revenue became a leading global affiliate platform that scaled from just a few clicks to over 30MM unique visitors per month and $10MM in revenues in 2009. Although our bread and butter comes from marketing spend on the advertiser side, in reality the whole business relies purely on the underlying technology powering our platforms.

As a chief executive officer at YEP! I was responsible for spear heading the future vision of the company. One of my key roles was ensuring that our business stays ahead of the competition and maintains a sustainable competitive advantage in a very rapidly changing and saturated online marketing space. The best way to do this in our market is through the use of technology. It is therefore crucial to stay on top of the latest trends in application development methodologies and techniques.

With scale come unexpected changes. We never imagined seeing such a rapid growth in our business. And so we never planned or expected the type of loads this would place on our company, both from management and especially the platform technology perspective. Everything had to change over night. We had to be cloud-ready, handle millions of visitors, keep the services online for all our clients with minimal downtimes, and filter for all potential fraudulent transactions. Antradar came to the rescue! What Antradar identified was that YEP was in need of an effective CRM add-on that could easily pinpoint fraud, display performance metrics, show any warning signs in the system, and more. Antradar suggested we roll-out their Gyroscope platform in order to facilitate the CRM management. We agreed and had their engineers integrate the Gyroscope module into our Revenue engine. Within 24 hours we were live. In terms of training, the system was self explanatory and intuitive. Of course it required some minimal initial support form Antradar but was relatively a breeze to work with. Most importantly Gyroscope was just an add-on and did not interfere with our existing platform.

Once we became a happy client of Antradar we decided to allow them to implement additional changes to our other systems. Primarily, we required a lead filtering and dialer system that would tie into our customer service department and allow our agents to directly go through the real-time leads going through YEP! Revenue system. Our requirements were met within a week and we had a beta application live, thanks to Antradar.

Antradar was a key element in our success through the use of automation, streamlining, and scaling operations such as campaign editing, tracking, data audit, user management, and fraud detection. As an example, we required five account managers to handle 100 campaigns, i.e. 20 campaigns per manager. After implementing Gyroscrope each manager was easily able to handle 50 campaigns. This was a major time and cost saving strategy for YEP!

Because Gyroscope is data-centric it is easily to apply it to any business model. It was never meant to support affiliate platforms but was easily adjust to perform very specific affiliate marketing tasks.

I was extremely pleased with the project completion and deadlines that were met by Antradar. The average roll-out time was approximately 1-2 days for basic features, and about a week for new platforms.

As an executive that understands the cost of technology and time, I would definitely recommend giving Antradar a chance to show what they can do for your business. You just never know until you try and I'm glad YEP did!


Anton Yushin
CEO, YEP! Interactive
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