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Optimized List View Count in Gyroscope Codegen Nov 22, 2023

Gyroscope's CodeGen has been enhanced to further optimize the process of counting records in a List View. Read more

How to Surf the Web on a Samsung Watch and Why Feb 4, 2023

Web browsing has been officially supported on a Samsung watch for some time. Now there is a practical reason to use it. Read more

Gyroscope 19.8 Changes Jan 27, 2023

The five (5) major changes in Gyroscope 19.8 bring improvements in notifications, query building, numeric-named file serving and hotkeys. Read more

Using Lookup View as Flashcards Jul 21, 2022

The lookup view is more than just a picker. With some v19.3 enhancements, the lookup view can be fully interactive, in all the view modes. Read more

Catching Unexpected Faults May 14, 2022

In addition to apperror, Gyroscope now traps both generic Exceptions and a specialized type of FaultException. A fault report is also added. Read more
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