FPWD Workshop Series A1

Date/Time: Wednesday September 19th, 2012 8:00pm2012-9-19 20:00:00
Location: Toronto
The Future-proof Web Development (FPWD) Workshop offers a unique strategy for rapidly developing timeless programming skills. Designed for both beginners and veteran coders, the FPWD curriculum is fun, reasonably challenging and instantly applicable. Each session typically lasts 2 hours, including 15 minutes of break time.

The FPWD sessions are very hands-on. Make sure you bring your laptop.

Admission is $20 per registered person, or $30 at the venue.

The location and date of this event are subject to change. Please check this event page often, or register to be notified of future changes.
Registration is closed for this event.
Permlink: http://www.antradar.com/events.php?topic=event-2012-workshop-64-toronto

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