JavaScript Workshop

Date/Time: Thursday October 4th, 2012 7:00pm2012-10-4 19:00:00
Location: Online
Cost: $15.00
JavaScript is a powerful language that can be intimidating for beginners. Even experienced developers may sometimes find complex JavaScript codes overwhelming.

In this 2-hour webinar that's designed for coders at all levels, we are going to look at JavaScript from a fresh (and refreshing) perspective.

The session places a strong emphasis on the relationship between the JavaScript language and the HTML document. It starts off with an introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM) and proceeds to the basic syntax of JavaScript. The audience is situated in the context of enhancing a live website each step of the way, so that no knowledge is learned in isolation.

We will have a bonus Q&A session in the third hour. If you are working on some specific projects, feel free to take advantage of this free consulting opportunity.

Note: We will not be covering jQuery in this event. Instead, we teach the real deal, which is writing plain vanilla JavaScript with your bare hands. It's easier than you think!
Registration is closed for this event.

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