Dymo USB Scale Interface Specs August 2, 2017

Vendor: Dymo-CoStar Corp.
Vendor ID: 0922

Tested Product #1: M10 Digital Postal Scale (ID: 8003)
Tested Product #2: M25 Digital Postal Scale (ID: 8004)

Usage Page: 0x8D (Standard USB Scale)
Usage: 0x20

Data Length: 5 bytes
Data Layout: (in bits)

0-7: misc. flags
8-15: unit (0x02 Gram, 0x0b Ounce)
16-23: scaling factor, negative power of 10
24-31: lower scale reading
32-39: higher scale reading


20 grams (XX denotes an ignored byte)
XX 02 00 14 00

40 pound and 5.2 ounces

40*16+5.2=645.2 ounces, reading 6452, or 25*256+52
dec(52)=hex(34), dec(25)=hex(19)
1 decimal place, power of 10 is -1. 2's complement of -1 is 0xFF

XX 0B FF 34 19

And yes, our web applications can interface any USB input devices (HID class) such as digital scales, fingerprint scanners, gaming controllers and remote controls. Feel free to Contact Us if you are interested in integrating these devices into your current production workflow.

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