How Reliable is Your Connection? March 12, 2012

With more and more applications running from the cloud, a reliable Internet connection becomes increasingly vital to your daily operations. There are plenty of online tools that monitor server up-time; there are also tools for measuring the speed of your own Internet. What really matters, however, is the connectivity between you and your server.

We have released a simple tool for you to detect occurrences of high latency, dropped connections and public IP address changes.

The tool represents the round trip time with a colored bar. A new bar is added to the stack every 10 seconds. If the response time is too high, an orange bar is displayed. A red bar indicates disconnection. Charting is paused during network downtime. Any IP address changes will start a new chart.

How reliable is your Internet connection? Test it now.

You can also download and host the monitoring tool on your own server.

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