Oracle Unveils New Cloud Products June 6, 2012

Oracle released a suite of cloud services today. This is big news for Oracle and its rival SAP. According to CEO Larry Ellision, "[Oracle] essentially had to rewrite all of its software programs to run online", and that it is an "enormous effort". Likewise, a cloud offering from SAP is not expected until 2020.

First of all, let's applause the software giant for taking steps in the right direction. Given the power of today's web browsers, installing software products on individual computers is simply no longer acceptable. We should also acknowledge Oracle's courage and commitment for undertaking the substantial task of rewriting its programs.

Having said that, Oracle, or SAP for that matter, is light years behind Antradar when it comes to cloud-based enterprise software.

To best understand Antradar's technical superiority, let's picture Oracle as a manufacturer of battleships for the Navy. Over the years, Oracle's ships have become bigger and stronger. Now Oracle recognizes the strategic importance of having an air force - weapons that literally fly in the cloud. Adding wings to a ship won't make it fly because the ship is too heavy. Flying ships must be rebuilt with new material. This is the enormous rewrite we hear about.

Antradar, on the other hand, uses technologies that are optimized for building jet fighters. A game changer in web application is the XMLHttpRequest (XHR) Object - the crucial ingredient in AJAX, Web 2.0 and all the buzz to come. If XHR was the principle of flight dynamics, Antradar has certainly re-engineered its entire manufacturing process in aviation. LH2C Architecture, Increamental Caching, Client-Side Record Navigation are some of the underlying technologies we use to power tools like Gyroscope. The very core of Antradar products addresses cloud-specific issues such as the differences in connection speed, browsers and devices.

Now, what about Well, Salesforce has been a web-based service since day one. Once in the cloud, always in the cloud. You can view Salesforce as a space station; more specifically a station that's dedicated to CRM. If you need other enterprise functions beyond customer relationship management, tough luck.

It's also interesting to note that Oracle launched a series of cloud tools instead of one comprehensive platform that takes care of every aspect of a business. This is once again related to the weight of the flying ship. SAP's Business One product line has a more integral vision - a vision that has only been achieved in the form of Gyroscope applications.

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