Understanding the Theater Market

LLeju Productions is a film production and distribution company located in Houston Texas. LLeju was started in October of 2008, with the intention of creating unconventional and thought provoking projects.

LLeju productions required data that would allow an understanding of the exhibition (theater) market. It's not a question of how many theaters your film is distributed in, but which theaters cater to the audience you are trying to reach, and the national ranking of those theaters.

With the assistance and expertise of Antradar, LLeju Productions was able to locate, specifically, those exhibitors that mirrored the markets we were trying to reach and create a usable model for future growth and success.

Antradar's service over exceeded our expectations in regards to delivery time, customization and overall quality. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Antradar was a much needed miracle.

Keith Perkins, Creative Executive
LLeju Productions and Films
Permlink: case-studies-lleju-productions

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